Carina #1062

CAD $79.00

Pearl bracelet Mallorca, pastel shades separation in charosqui.
14ct plated gold.
Item number: 1062


Pearl bracelet Mallorca

A small nucleus of opaline (opaque or coloured glass) is coated with layers of a protective substance by immersing it in a pearly liquid made of ground up fish scales or other small marine animal particles. The pearly liquid gives the pearl its lustre and iridescence.

What makes Mallorca pearls unique? 

  • Unlike many faux pearls, those produced on the island bear such a close resemblance to natural pearls that they could be mistaken for the real thing by the untrained eye.
  • They are less expensive than natural pearls.
  • The pearls are specially treated, so unlike natural pearls, they are resistant to perfume, make-up, perspiration, heat, cold and shock.
  • Given that not every oyster or mollusc produces natural pearls, many an oyster’s life has been wasted in pursuit of rare pearls.  Mallorca pearls are special in themselves in that they achieve all that natural pearls achieve, without the need for wasting precious resources.


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