Combinated #1012

CAD $100.00

Beautiful bracelet with design in black fossil stones with steel separation and multicolor brown agates with adjustment in S / M / L.
The clip is 14 ct gold.
Item number: 1012


Fossil Stone Properties

Fossil Coral Metaphysical Properties

According to metaphysical beliefs, fossil coral is a grounding stone good for bringing about change. Agate is thought to be able to help heal pancreatic disorders and improve blood and air circulation. Fossil coral is used for healing eye, skin and stomach illnesses.

Brown Agate Healing Benefits, Properties, Meaning, Use, Jewelry

Brown agate is considered as royal agate stone and more famously called “Botswana Agate”. It is mined for its beauty and rarity. Most of the brown agate stones mined today come from Botswana (hence the name) and come in nature with beautiful layers and patterns with white, black, different shades of gray color and sometimes with salmon or pink lines. Throughout history, brown agate was used for carvings, making jewelry, as talismans and amulets.


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