Cute #1405

CAD $40.00

Cute combination of red agate with tiger’s eye.
The clip 14ct plated gold.
Item number: 1405


Red Agate

The red agate it is good for many porpuses some of them are.

Love and reationships, money and business, other energies are, take a positive thinking, overcomo your weakness, overcome a pinch, improve a relationship and taisman against evil.

Origins of Tiger’s Eye

Most tiger’s eye stones come from India, the United States, South Africa, and Australia. It is one of the birthstones of the Capricorn astrological sign. And much like Dzi beads, the watchful eye energy of the tiger’s stone long has been used in various forms of jewelry and home decor.

But unlike some other protective stones, such as carnelian or black tourmaline, tiger’s eye also can help balance and clear emotions. Thus, it can contribute to a calm mind and peaceful disposition.

Feng Shui Properties of Tiger’s Eye

In feng shui, tiger’s eye is used for its protective and clearing properties. You can find its energy employed in various feng shui remedies, including wind chimes and carvings, such as mandarin ducks.

Metaphysically, tiger’s eye is attributed to many healing properties, such as:

  • Bringing insight into complex situations
  • Protecting from negative energies
  • Helping focus the mind
  • Attracting good luck
  • Deepening one’s meditative state
  • Grounding and centering personal energy
  • Dispelling fears
  • Promoting mental clarity



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