Happiness #1027

CAD $110.00

Bracelet combination with red agate, yellow agate and drop.
Adjustable S / M / L
The clip is 14CT Gold Plated
Item number: 1027


Red Agate

The red agates protect the primary chakra of our human body, which usually called the root chakra. A place located in the coccyx region, usually on the perineum and genitals. Red Agates Promotes Safety, grounding, and vitality. Also, influence the other points of energy within the body.

Yellow Agate

Yellow Agate has all the properties of Agate, with the additional properties of the coloryellow, which include increased willpower, concentration, memory and logic. Use Yellow Agate on the Solar Plexus chakra to help you gain more self-confidence as well as the ability to learn from your past mistakes


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